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Selling Guides
We have compiled the following useful guides that explain issues that may arise when selling your property. If you have any questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable and qualified team members to assit you.
27 Home-Selling Tips
" how to protect and capitalize on your most important investment.."
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Your House Didn't Sell Now What?
"... The first thing to do is take a step back and analyze the situation..." You put your home up for sale and it simply didn't sell. Undoubtedly, this has created a lot of stress, inconvenience and anxiety for you and your family. Perhaps you already bought another home.
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Major Mistakes Made By Sellers
From incorrect financing to lack of preparation, there are countless mistakes that a seller can make when putting their house on the market. This report covers some of the most common mistakes made by sellers during the property selling process.
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Why It Is So Important That Your Home Is Correctly Priced and Marketed Properly
"... Your home is your castle--even when it's for sale..." Let's say your terms are competitive: your timing's clearly set. Now, what about your asking price? Without question, price is your most important sales tool. Here's why:
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When Smaller is Sweeter - How to Take the Money and Run
Your house is quiet except for the hum of the refrigerator or the voices from the TV. The rooms are filled with pictures and memories, but the children have grown and gone.
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Home Improvements
"... an 80% recovery at resale is still a 20% loss..." Whether you're considering remodeling worn-out surroundings, enlarging your home for a growing family or rebelling against yesterday's standards, you have important investment choices to make.
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How to Sell Your Home Yourself
If you ask anyone who has ever tried to sell their home themselves, they'll tell you that from the moment the "For Sale by Owner" sign goes up, the phone begins to ring. Unfortunately, many of those calls will not be from prospective buyers but rather from real estate agents looking to obtain your listing.
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Passing the Home Inspection What Buyers Are Looking For
When you put your home up for sale you place it directly under the scrutiny of buyers. Superficial changes, such as new paint and resurfaced floors can do a lot to enhance your home's appeal, but when it comes to an offer, most serious buyers will seek the assistance of a professional home inspector to ensure that the house is sound beneath the surface.
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